Who are you?

btcmonero.com is a British multinational corporation headquartered that was founded in 2017.

Is btcmonero.com officially registered?

Yes, btcmonero.com is absolutely legit. It is registered and works according to United Kingdom laws.

What is your main activity?

The basis of our activity is focused on the exchange and trade popular cryptocurrencies, which is headed, of course, Bitcoin.

What is trading?

Trading is the cryptocurrency trade on international exchanges. At btcmonero.com company a team of professionals deal with trade.

How long have you been in business?

btcmonero.com officially founded and has been in business since July 2017

Can I visit bitcoininvestclub.com office to make investment there?

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment systems of the market, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin and ADVCash.

Why do you use online payment processors?

Online payment systems facilities are very convenient to instantly transfer funds and the fees are very low compared to bank transfer.

Does Bitcoin price change affect my investment?

No, we convert your investment amount from BTC to USD or vice versa using the real-time exchange rate when you make a deposit or withdraw your daily sales.

Do you offer compounding?

No, we do not offer compounding at this time.

How secure and safe my funds and personal information on btcmonero.com website?

Our website has several degrees of protection. Its servers are protected from DDoS attacks, and all the data is transferred by a protected channel that is provided with Comodo Green EV SSL certificate.




Do you require to provide documents for account creation?

No, we do not. Account creation is free and does not require ID verification.

I do not have an e-currency account yet. Can I still open an account with you?

Yes, you can. You can add your e-currency account number at any time prior to making deposit.

What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click forgot password link, enter your username or e-mail and follow instruction. You'll receive your account information.

How frequently are you updating my account?

We update your account every second and you can access the Members Area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year over the internet and keep track on all of your account actions: investments / withdraw / interest / balance statistics, affiliate earnings and currently working; everything is updated in a real time.

Will you cancel account without deposit?

No, your account will not be canceled without deposit, unless you ask us to do.

May I open several accounts in your program?

No, all accounts with matching address and wallet number or using fake address and personal information will be verified and suspended, if we will not be able to check the identity of the account holder.

Can I delete my own account? If not, why am I not permitted to delete my account?

No, a user account cannot be deleted. All account information is encrypted. It is not available for other users or company staff, and cannot be used for the purposes that have not been agreed upon with the user. Therefore, deleting an account does not make sense, and is technically impossible.

How do I know the history of my transactions?

Enter the member area and you can check history of your account transactions there.

What can I do to keep my account secure?

  1. Always logout when you have finished with your account by clicking the Logout link on the top part of the web page.
  2. Clear forms, passwords, cache, and cookies from your browser on a regular basis, especially on a public computer.
  3. Choose a good password, and do not write it down or send it via email.
  4. Never divulge your password to anyone; if you did divulge your password to someone, change it as soon as possible.
  5. Periodically update your password.
  6. Install firewall and licensed antivirus software in your computer.

My account is blocked, what should I do?

Sometimes an account can be temporarily frozen, which means that there is currently an investigation process applied for this profile. However, we should note that users involved in harmful activity against btcmonero.com online platform can get their accounts blocked without prior notification. If you do not agree with your account being blocked or frozen, contact our support team and kindly wait for their reply.




How do I make my first investment?

In order to make an investment with us, you must become our registered member. Once you are registered, you can always log in to your private & secure account area using your username and password you first signed up with and make your investment. Click on 'Deposit', there you can choose a payment method and follow the page simple instructions to complete your investment. The transaction is secure, convenient and takes around 1 minute.

What should I do if I don't have a wallet in the e-commerce payment system?

Within a few minutes, you can create a wallet in one of the provided payment systems on their websites:            





How fast are the operations of transferring funds on the deposit?

All deposit operations are performed immediately. Deposit of money is performed with the speed of processing the request by servers, and that is just done in a flash of a second.

Can the deposit created be increased?

No, you cannot increase the deposit that has already been created. However, you can create an unlimited number of other deposits.

Can I deposit using an e-currency and withdraw my money in a different one?

No, within one deposit you can invest and receive profits in one and the same electronic currency.

Can I make additional investments at any time?

Yes, there is no limitation. You can create several deposits with different investment plans, using different payment systems. The number of these deposits is unlimited.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currency account?

Funds are usually available as soon as possible, within 24 business hours. Usually this happens quickly enough.

What are the maximum and minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals?

You can deposit any amount from only $11 and up to $50,000 through any payment system. You can withdraw any amount not less than $1.00 and maximum withdraw is Unlimited.

When can I withdraw funds from available balance?

You can withdraw funds from your available balance anytime you want and without any fee.

Can there be delays on a withdrawal request?

The delay of a withdrawal sometimes can happen for an unstable operation of payment systems or some maintenance work on the website. In such case the website administration has to wait for normalization of the situation and only then may pay out. It can take several hours up to 2-3 days; therefore, we encourage you to be tolerant. In case of a long pause we will inform on all current conditions by means of our forms of communication.

Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends?

Yes, we process withdrawal requests 7 days a week.

I have not received funds. What should I do?

First, make sure that you comply with all the conditions of the system when you withdraw funds. If everything was done correctly, contact our customer support: admin@bitcoininvestclub.com




Do you have an affiliate program?

Sure we do! It is a great way to make extra money.

How does the referral program work and how much can I earn?

By inviting more people to our investment program, or promoting our website using our banners or text ads you earn more of your referral deposit volume. You will instantly receive 5% commission from any referral that deposits to their account.      

How to become a member of the affiliate program?

In order to become a member of the affiliate program you need to be a registered user of the online platform bitcoininvestclub.com. In your personal account there is a referral link that you need to copy and invite new users in the structure.

Why should I become a member of an affiliate program?

You have the opportunity to significantly increase your income by forming your own team.

Is there any limitation in the amount of referral commission?

No, there is no limit. Therefore, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.

Is it necessary to invite new members?

Inviting other members isn’t mandatory. You can attract referrals and generate more revenue or receive income only from your own funds.


In case your question is not answered in the FAQs section, kindly get in touch with the Support Team. Our Support Team will process your request immediately. We are also happy to get your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.


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